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Wikipedia edits of the word “homophobia” (Wikipedia Italy)

Italian parliament data

Amount of words spent on the dopic, divided by political area in parliament (Chamber of Deputies)

Semantic proximity in 2D-space of words used by different political areas

Political classificator developed to classify new texts on topics of sex and gender. The classificator was created with the knowledge acquired from the parliament speeches.

Instragram Data with the hashtag #omofobia (Jan 2020 - May 2021)

Distribution in time of hashtags associated to #omofobia

Love Meetings 2.0
Social Research 
Digital Methods
Data Visualization

Love Meetings 2.0 is a research project which aims to understand the language and political discourse around the civil LGBTQIA+ rights in Italy in 2021 making use of new digital methods for social research.
The aim adopted in this research tries to translate journalistic-documentary approaches chosen by Pasolini for his Love Meetings (1964) docu-film into analytical methodologies based on the collection of data, their analysis and classification.
The objectives, analysis and results to specific research tasks that contribute to structuring and defining the study as a whole are presented at this link

Languages and tools used:

Project by Eleonora Cappuccio, Guglielmo Giomi, Fatiba Abid, Luca Buoni