visual design, image making, 
art direction
based in The Hague (NL) seldom on Elba Island (IT)

Guglielmo Giomi (Italy, 1995) is a visual designer and art director graduated in Visual Design at Politecnico di Milano (IT) and in Photography & Society at Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. In his professional practice his work addresses the hybrid and flexible role of an art director in complex social systems by developing tools and design methodologies to actively engage audiences within design processes. Mastering predominantly graphic, typographic and photographic languages – he also draws on media such as audiovisuals and editorial artefacts both on printed and digital matters. His favourite projects result in integrated designs that generate effects and thrive within an interconnected social system.

In his self-initiated work he enquires phenomena of representation and tactics of counter representations moving between different scales, from individual to national, from global to particular. His research focuses on geographic identity, spatial empowerment, photographic speculation and narrative mapping, with a particular attention to the frictions and affordances between virtual and physical spaces. More of his personal lens based work could be seen here.

Selected clients and collaborators:

The Vision
Royal Academy of the Arts The Hague
Fosbury Architecture
Kublai Klan

Agency In The Wild

Tokyobike Milano
Polvere Magazine
Der Greif
Politecnico di Milano
Baobab Magazine
Tokyobike Milano
Palazzo Magnani Reggio Emilia
Fleur Kessels Fine Jewelry
Bjørk Florence
Batia Suter